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  Following are the steps to import data from MySql to HBase using Sqoop:


1) Login to mysql as follows:

mysql -h hostname -u root -p


2) Create Database in mysql

mysql>CREATE DATABASE testhadoop;

Also you can use some existing database


3)Grant all privileges to all users to database

mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ONtesthadoop.* TO '%'@'host-ip';

mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON testhadoop.* TO ''@'host-ip;


4) Create a table in database and insert some data in it.

mysql>USE testhadoop;

mysql>CREATE TABLE employee( empid INT, empname varchar(20), salray(int));

mysql>INSERT INTO employee VALUES(1,'emp1',15000);


5)For example , table contains following data :

mysql> select * from employee;


| empid | empname | salary |


|     1 | emp1    |  10000 |

|     2 | emp2    |  15000 |

|     3 | emp3    |  20000 |



6) Copy the mysql-connector jar in $SQOOP_HOME/lib


7) Now , employee table from mysql can be imported to HBase using Sqoop as follows:

$ $SQOOP_HOME/bin/sqoop import --hbase-create-table  --hbase-table myemployee --column-family info --hbase-row-key empid --connect jdbc:mysql://host-ip/testhadoop --table employee -m 1

hbase-create-table : will create table if it does not exist in HBase, if the table is already there then no need to use it

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